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office.com/setup is the region’s leading office furniture corporation with many years of experience in installing and dissembling office furniture of many brands. We assure to be helpful in situations like moving one workstation or an entire building of workstations; our veteran team can take care of your office requirements and help you save the maximum money usually spent in the installation process.

What is an Office Furniture Installer?

An Office Furniture installer is something that’s acknowledged about various type of furniture from different furniture manufacturers (all of which are having their own design specifications and installation idiosyncrasy).

Here the Office Furniture Installers are also known to be a source in which many necessary details involved for making sure about the furniture’s functionality within a space. Our installation team has the tools, knowledge, and the most required element “experience” for helping costumers ensuring that their Office Setup Installation is in right hands. Visit www.office.com/setup for best Office Setups.

All office furniture installers are slightly good at understanding all of the steps that are supposed to be taken when installing, reinstalling, or moving furniture in large and small offices, hospitals, complex education buildings, restaurants, etc.

Your precious furniture can merely not be moved from A to point B; they require proper knowledge provided to the installers systematically. Therefore, our Office furniture installers are able to install new furniture like a pro; also, they can disassemble furniture when it needs to be moved or reinstalled when looking for relocating your setup to a new place.

Office.com/setup can install Various Brands of Office Furniture

Our experts claim to install both new and refurbished office furniture. Moreover, our experienced team has extremely been trained as we have the first-hand experience with installing many brands such as:

  1. Herman Miller
  2. GF
  3. OFS
  4. Knoll
  5. SMED International
  6. Bernhardt
  7. Teknion
  8. Haworth
  9. Kruger International
  10. HON
  11. SIS/ Human Factor Tech
  12. Steelcase

How does Office.com/setup help you set up your Office Furniture?

Before you proceed, you need to understand that office installation requires a lot more than just office moves. A team of Office Furniture experts has always been the foremost prerequisite; this is the team who understands each and every aspect of moving and installing an Office on-time and under the approved budget. There are several things to consider such as:

  1. Flexing to the original site dimensions vs. what was planned.
  2. Cable management with grommet drilling.
  3. Power and data access.
  4. ADA requirements.
  5. Products of wall-mounting that may require an area of expertise tools, knowledge, or experience.
  6. Performing important work with other trades in space altogether.
  7. Retrofitting obtainable furniture for fitting in a new space.
  8. Last moment customer requirements/changes.

Local and National Office Furniture Installation

  1. Basically, we are a US based company which is also available for your important installation projects throughout the US, Canada, and nearby states.
  2. As a favorite provider of the countrywide network of self-governing office furniture installation corporations known as Install Net, our local clients have direct access for protecting management and installation services in about 50 states.
  3. Whenever you may have a requirement for coordinating nationwide office.com/setup relocation, systems furniture installation, office reconfiguration or the asset management outside of our direct service zone, we are going to try serving our best to help answer your overall needs.

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