Month: April 2019

5 Best Text Editors to Enhance Work Productivity

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Text editors are a lifeline for umpteen of working professionals and organizations. They are great taking simple notes or writing complex codes. There are a large number of great text editors that you can find in the market. Some are best for the ones who are getting started with coding while some work best for […]

Fortnite: How To Find Season 8 Week 7 Secret Battle Star Location

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Fortnite fans are ongoing with a series of new challenges for the week 7 of season 8 and this time around Epic Games are preparing to introduce a secretive Battle Star for players to grab on to in the new week 7. Previously for week 6, players of Fortnite were required to hunt of a […]

7 Best Microphones for Gaming and Streaming

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If you enjoy gaming and want to showcase your outstanding gaming skills to the world, the best solution is to start streaming. A good gaming microphone is essential to get your voice heard to a large number of your viewers. It is not only about playing a good game if you want to build an […]

Complete Guide for Creating Engaging PowerPoint Slide Decks

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The task of creating a slide deck PowerPoint presentation may seem nerve-wracking.  However, Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easy to create slide decks. Also, you can use a slide deck template to save time. In case you do not want to overwhelm the audience with tons of information and prevent the presentation from getting boring, check […]