Snapchat and Its Future with In-Built Gaming

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According to a report from Cheddar, Snapchat will be launching a new platform for gaming as early as next month at its Los Angeles rendezvoused Snap Partner Summit. The company had previously dabbled into games before- the Snappables, which was a set of AR lens games launched in April last year.

This time, Snap is slated to dive deep into the gaming platform with its new project codenamed as Project Cognac. Project Cognac may provide developers authorization to build games for the Snapchat app just like we have seen on Facebook Messenger. Although, it remains unclear about how the in-built games will look like and how they might run.

Speculations about the launch of Snapchat’s in-built gaming app were on the rise since Snap, which is Snapchat’s parent company, reportedly bought Prettygreat which is an Australian game studio. It gives sway to the talk of Snap developing its gaming platform which would feature a slew of games in Snapchat, and we may even see games that pair with Snapchat Spectacles to give a fabulous gaming experience. The gameplay experience of Snapchat’s inbuilt games will be more comprehensive and new age if we take into account its previous launches like the Snappables.

Moreover, Tencent- the Chinese technology giant that owns League of legends and popular messaging app Wechat, bought a 12 percent share in Snap. Tencent said in a press release that it would explore cooperation opportunities on mobile games and newsfeed with the company. Tencent’s reported quarterly losses in mobile gaming revenue owing to stricter regulations on gaming in China and Snap’s decreasing user growth might have created this partnership, which may bring spring for both the companies.

Pushing for in-built gaming on Snapchat will account for more user engagement, hence, more revenue for the company. Popular usage will call for advertisement marketing and in-app purchases, which may be centered on the type of platform- Android or iOS.

 Although we are still waiting for the official confirmation from Snap concerning the new gaming platform, which may be anywhere in the first week of next month, till then we can fuss over the private developments. Maybe, Snapchat will come with the next debacle of augmented-reality games inbuilt with messaging apps. This infusion is sure to cast a dice in their favor by enabling more user-app interaction and more user growth. Snap may have found the best cocktail of gaming and messaging.

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