How To Use Instagram To Get Maximum Likes On Posts?

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Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform. It is not only attractive but is also very simple to use. Generally, people like to spend their free time on it. People can try to interact with their friends, followers, and colleagues over there with the help of chatting, commenting on posts and liking the pictures. […]

Steps for Using Gradebook on MS Excel

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Microsoft Excel has multiple square columns in it which make your work to keep more systematic. Various alphabets are given in each line and highlighting with a blue colour with number series on the left side of the excel sheet. This gradebook helps when you have to make assignments in your school and preparing reports […]

How to Troubleshoot Fatal Error Code C0000022 on Windows 10?

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Whenever you update your Windows operating system, there is a higher chance to meet with a fatal error code C0000022. Usually, this error appeared on the screen during the time users upgrade approx their one-third procedure. As a result, users cannot get their Windows updated. However, in the middle of 2017, the Fatal Error Code […]

Guide to Properly Cleaning a Digital Camera

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A camera has become the third eye for the 21st-century world. It is massively being used by the advance people and for the security of a nation. Nowadays we are more dependent on our third eye, to see any future danger, to monitor the movement of traffic, and to keep a watch over the crime […]

Ways to Personalize Windows 10 Lock Screen

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Most people mostly overlook the Windows 10 lock screen. Did you know that you could do a lot more on your lock screen apart from entering the password? Probably not! You can tweak the lock screen to display notifications, reminders, data and time. You can also personalise it by inserting pictures for the backdrop. Choose […]